The tyranny of the 1%

Steven is justly concerned about the marginalization of normality by a very vocal minority that demands praise for every non-traditional lifestyle choice they make. Not tolerance, not acceptance, not legal recognition; praise. And in their childish tantrums, they lash out at anyone and anything that biology and society call “normal”.

The slang term “cis” (which simply means “on the near side”, false etymologies to the contrary) is a straightforward attempt to de-normalize “normal”, so that people who define themselves as “trans” don’t have to face up to the severe psychological problems that lead them to consider cutting off their genitals. (they have my pity, since they’re only harming themselves; the parents who decide that a child engaging in non-gender-stereotypical behavior is “trans” belong in prison)

I came across a good example recently, a comment on the usually-informative Boobs Don’t Work That Way tumblr, in response to a tutorial video:

"That video has some good drawing points but you should probably tag it at *least* as #casual cissexism"

“Casual cissexism” = “assumption that pretty much everybody is male or female” = “simple truth”.

But you can’t say that, because Speaking Truth To Activists is a hate crime.