I read it for the articles, backwards

There have been a lot of regional versions of Playboy magazine, with the nudity content varied to meet local standards. Most of them have gone under, and now that the flagship is abandoning nudity in favor of exploiting residual brand recognition, I doubt it’s long for this world. Honestly, any monthly magazine is a tough sell these days, and this latest change is likely to be about as effective as the time they put the magazine into the hands of a former Maxim exec.

But don’t worry, cheesecake fans, Japan’s got your back. Weekly Playboy (no relation) has a healthy business model built on healthy models, in and out of their clothing. Their photography lacks the high artistic and technical standards that once made Playboy stand out of the crowd, but nobody does it that way any more; the craft of creating a single memorable image has been replaced by happy accidents embedded in filler.

Haruna Kawaguchi in Weekly Playboy

In the strictly-non-nude department, Bomb! reliably delivers decent cheesecake photoshoots that flatter their subjects (unlike the recent WP (NSFW) shoot of Erika Yazawa that just made me feel sorry for her). Their DVDs are nicely shot, as well.

There are a lot of other weekly and monthly magazines that add a slice of cheesecake (in many genres), but as always with Japanese magazines, it can be a little too fresh, so be sure to check the pull date before ogling too intently. The kanji 「歳」 preceded by a number should be considered a warning label.

Cheesecake Warning Label

Starting with the last page of a photoshoot can also be a useful defense, since that’s usually where they hide the model’s birthday.