Warrior of Love, Live

Not cosplay, this is Mikie Hara (NSFW) in the 2007 TV series Cutie Honey The LIVE. There are a few episodes on Youtube, and if you were expecting anything other than campy cheesecake with no-budget SFX, well, really, why? Amusing note: in a DVD-only episode, they cast Go Nagai as her father.

Warrior of Love

It’s still available as nine overpriced DVDs, but they decided to make a nice (overpriced) box set a few years back with a rather eye-catching cover (NSFW; did you have to ask?):

Cutie Honey The Live (Series)

And here’s Mikie’s recent performance of her very own version of “Honey Flash”:

Honey Flash - Mikie Hara

More can be found at any well-stocked website for well-stacked women. Like this one, for instance.