Local, seasonal, sustainable

I found six half-grown kittens on the front porch last night. I went out to Safeway around midnight, and when I got home with a fresh supply of ice tea and bagels, there they were. Clean, healthy, well-socialized little purring machines, but no collars, so I suspect their mother lives at one of the nearby houses, and some kid is nominally in charge of caring for them.

Three of them were orange, so I suspect that my old friend the cranky neighborhood tom has been getting busy.

When I went out his morning, the black one was sitting on my chair, but none of the others were in sight. I suspect I’ll have to be careful going in and out of the house for a while.

[Update: 11:30am, still in the chair; no sign of the others. The purring was audible from six feet away.]

Teh evil one

[Update: 5pm, still claiming the chair; this is starting to remind me of how I acquired my first college girlfriend.]

[Update: left around 9:30pm Monday night, haven’t seen any of them since.]