Keep Portland Weird

It’s kind of sad that the people running this school district are completely unaware of their own deeply-ingrained anti-black bigotry. They actually come right out and define “acting white”, listing a range of characteristics that it would be insulting to apply to black students.

In other news, as usual, the story of the murdering son-of-a-bitch in Charleston is “evolving”. That is, activists shaping the narrative to push their agendas (sometimes called “journalists” by the unsophisticated) got some tiny little details wrong, like the claim that the killer’s gun was a gift from his father. Nope. He got money for his birthday, and used that to buy it himself (warning: auto-play video, because who’d want to actually read the story, amirite? sigh).

Which means that his apparently-obvious craziness had never been reported to anyone who could have legally intervened. I’m sure we’ll eventually hear more about that, after the journivists finish spinning their tale and inadvertently leak a few facts. Right now they’re still too busy helping the killer achieve his goal of starting a race war.

In completely unrelated and positive news, Ars bitchslapped IMAX for trying to use trademark law to delete an article that included a quote that mentioned their name.

..the important point is that despite Ruby's fantastical interpretation of what a trademark means, we're actually allowed to say whatever we want about IMAX. I can say IMAX screens look like SteamVR, or that they look like my 47" Vizio TV, or that they remind me of purple bunnies.