iOS7 still a mess

[Update: iOS7 UI errors tumblr; looks like shooting fish in a barrel.]

Most significant line in the Ars Technica review of iOS7:

Nothing is ever illegible, but you may run into mild readability issues that didn’t exist in iOS 6.

The screenshots show that they really don’t care about people with less-than-perfect vision. The spidery little Helvetica Neue text looks gray even when it’s white, and actually setting it in gray is even worse. The fact that they had to add a semi-hidden “bold text” option really reinforces the impression that they’re slaves to a design methodology that didn’t stand up to user testing.

And be sure to check out the “animation durations” video clip on page 3; yes, major interactions with the device will take longer because the designers want you to see what they did to keep the OS from running on older hardware.

Okay, there is a more significant line in the review, if you have an iPhone 5:

Our Verizon iPhone 5 running iOS 7 burns through its battery more than three hours faster than the exact same phone performing the exact same test with the exact same settings under iOS 6.

All devices get worse battery life thanks to Apple’s new design, but only the just-replaced model sucks so horribly that there’s sure to be a major patch coming soon.