Do the models know?

At the creepy end of the Japanese photobook/DVD market, you can be pretty sure that the very young models don’t really know that being photographed in perfectly ordinary school outfits is fetish bait for middle-aged men, and that the photographers, editors, and stylists feel no urge to enlighten them. Ditto when they set up a scene in the kitchen and carefully adjust her string bikini to emulate the “naked apron” fetish.

But what about the ones who are all grown up?

Does Ayaka know that she’s shooting up heroin?

Ayaka Komatsu, gravure addict

Does Yuu know that she’s advertising for Hustler?

Yuu Kikkawa's product placement

Do Maimi and Airi know that they’re… okay, yeah, I’m pretty sure they know.

Maimi Yajima and Airi Suzuki, cuddle time