Dear Jerry Brown,

Crawl back under your rock, you slimy little worm.

From: Jerry Brown
Subject: Let's not let Arizona bandits steal our democracy

Dear John,

In just a few days, Californians will decide whether to vote yes or no on Proposition 30. A no vote means a shortened school year, laid-off teachers, crowded classrooms, and higher tuition. A yes vote means we can avoid all those things. It seems like a no-brainer to me, yet we find ourselves in a very close race.

The problem is, there are some anti-tax zealots out there who are so rich they think they can buy this vote. They've sunk tens of millions of dollars of their personal fortunes into a shameless propaganda campaign to defeat Prop 30.

Last week, we found out something even worse. Someone's been using a phony non-profit in Arizona to funnel money from unnamed donors into our state. Under California law, you have a right to know who's spending money to influence our state's elections.

Who are these guys? Are they foreigners? That's illegal. Are they Californians using Arizona to hide from their own state's sunshine laws? Also illegal. The situation appears so suspicious that the Fair Political Practices Commission has filed a lawsuit to make them give up their names.

But that's going to take a while, and our schools need saving now.

Let's not let Arizona bandits steal our democracy.

Let's step up and meet these masked men, dollar for dollar, and keep spreading the truth about Proposition 30.

[donation URLs deleted, because these lying SOBs don't deserve another fucking dime of taxpayer money]

Yours truly,

Jerry Brown