Grilled cheesecake

Not safe for bikini-unfriendly workplaces…

(via the definitely NSFW Hogeraccho Tumblr)

And if you want a relatively safe cheesecake tumblr to follow, I recommend Asia Dreaming, Loveliness, Kojimblr, and Kawaii Sexy Love. These feature mostly Japanese models, for the simple reason that most of the less-ethnically-specific tumblrs I’ve found include a lot of explicit material. Of course, a lot of the Japanese-specific tumblrs include junior idols and creepy street photos of schoolgirls, which goes beyond not-safe-for-work.

[Update: Another favorite site is back up, so I can add Kirei-na Oneesan no Shashin to the recommended list. This one is perhaps excessively categorized, not only by name, but by categories as detailed as “m-shaped (open) legs”]