Spam that is not spam

Looking through the messages that were trapped by my spam filters, I found an odd one today. At first glance, it was very spammy:

  1. Sent to username johngreely at my domain, something I have never, ever used.
  2. Supposedly from a travel agency in the UK.
  3. Booking a room at a Four Seasons Country Club in Portugal, 2 adults, no children, checkin date today.
  4. Listing a home address for me in Ireland.
  5. With a "click here to complete your payment" link at the bottom of the invoice.

Except, the agency seems to really exist, and all of the links in the message went to their site, and there really is a Jigginstown in Naas, County Kildare. To ice the cake, a search of the Irish Times family notices page turns up engagements for both the son and the daughter of John and June Greely, of Jigginstown, Naas.

So, enjoy your vacation, folks, and I hope the misdirected email didn’t screw up your booking.