Urban planning

When life hands you scattered plots of land…

…build a park. Higashi-Ayase Park in Adachi, Tokyo, to be precise.

Higashi-Ayase Park

I’ve been tinkering with my own rendering of OpenStreetMap data recently, and my focus has been on correctly discriminating between different classes of object and layering them appropriately, using a dataset that covers the 23 wards of Tokyo. Checking my results against the real OSM maps and Google Earth exposed a lot of bugs in my rendering at first, but more recently I’ve been finding errors in the data and the various OSM renderers. More on that another time.

Anyway, when I looked at my map this morning, I knew I had to find out what this was:

Higashi-Ayase park, OSM data

(the missing pieces are due to the fact that most of Tokyo is still unmapped in OSM; it gets better every week, but Tokyo is big, especially if you include all 23 wards)