Gizmodo, Online Fence

Let me see if I’ve got the story straight: someone sees an unattended iPhone in a bar, takes it home, plays with it, figures out it’s a bit unusual, sends out feelers for a buyer, sells it to Gizmodo for an undisclosed sum, and the only person whose name makes the headline is the Apple employee who lost it.

Did I get that right? It looks like there are two honest-to-gosh criminals and a victim in this story, and the victim is the only one suffering.

I knew the guys at Gizmodo were shameless, but I hadn’t suspected that they were proud felons.

[Update: yup, Gizmodo bought from a thief, and they had to have known it. Based on the fact that the “finder” never even contacted the bar where it was lost, which the owner called every day hoping for news, Gizmodo’s little tale of innocent acquisition and honest attempts to return it looks completely phony.]