Touching the Pad

Two people at work bought iPads, and they weren’t the two I expected to have them so soon. So now I’ve spent a few minutes playing with it, and since they hadn’t downloaded many apps or bought much content, all I really got to see was its fundamental “big iPod Touch” functionality. This was not enough to persuade me to acquire one, for obvious reasons. And I already wasn’t impressed by the list of apps available at launch, and haven’t seen any exciting announcements since then.

All I can really say that I haven’t seen mentioned before is that they did one subtle thing to keep it from being dropped when held in one hand: there’s a slight lip around the front edge, keeping your thumb from sliding off the glass while your other fingers try to keep a grip on the smooth aluminum back. Without that, it’d be flying out of your hand faster than a strapless Wiimote in a bowling game. You don’t really want to hold it in one hand for very long anyway, but at least you’re not risking a cracked screen if you do.