Bide Me Tender

My new favorite manglish spam, courtesy of a hacked Windows box located in the Institute of Nuclear Physics at Moscow State University:


I have the pleasure to make this surprising business proposal.My name is Mr.Usman Malaka from Najaf in Iraq, presently working with THE PROCUREMENT ASSISTANCE CENTER (PAC) a consultancy center supporting the Office of Government Contract Policy (OGPCP) in the MINISTRY OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION.

A new legislation has been passed to speed up the on going reconstruction process in Iraq, this is to enable the government achieve a 90% completion in all areas of the projects before the withdrawals of the US and other coalition forces from Iraq. Hence approval has been given to call-in more companies and international contractors to come and bid for Jobs and participate in the reconstruction process.The biding process is open (unlike before), so any company (both local and international) with interest is free to apply. Although it will be highly competitive, but if you are interested to participate in this lucrative project, Please feel free to communicate with me.

We shall provide you a thorough brief on how to go about it, and other information you may need to enhance a successful biding process.

Yours sincerely
Mr. Usman Malaka.
Currently in the United Kingdom.