Machine translation in Word 2007

I just noticed that Word 2007 offers to translate any text in your document, with a combination of on- and offline tools.

Let’s see what it does with some relatively straightforward Japanese prose, namely the first scene of Kyoutarou Nishimura’s murder-mystery story Ame no naka ni shinu

The rain fell.

It is the rain of the cool winter. It was close to the sleet.

Entering into the night, there is no sign which stops. Because of that, when it passes ten o’clock, also the shadow of a person of the amusement center, decreased suddenly.

When that man, holds down the stomach with one hand, wobbles from the alleyway reverse side and coming out, in the rain, there was no sign of the person.

It was the middle-aged man. The business suit which becomes tired had blackened, getting wet to the rain.

The man, with one hand, 摑 waited in the utility pole. Is to be attached, power suddenly the way, in the pavement which gets wet slipperily, it deteriorated and broke.

From around the stomach of the man, the deep-red blood has blown out. The rain has let flow that blood.

“It helped” and, the man said. As for the low scream, was turned off in sound of the rain.

Lifting the water spray, the taxi passed. The driver did the eye in [chi] and others [tsu] and the man who has collapsed, but you probably think as the drunkard. Short length speed just was lowered, passed.

The man, lifting the face, looked around around. As for the form of the person it is not everywhere. The mouth was opened, but either the voice which already, help shouts does not come out, it was boiled.

Still, it continues the blood, to flow. The face of the man, gradually, kept losing the vitality.

The man, with the fingertip which dyes to the blood, tried probably to write what on the pavement. But, it gets off and the rain which continues turns off that.

Despair, seemed that catches the man.

The man would like to inform about what. But, there is no sign of the person and, the writings on the pavement are turned off in the rain.

In addition, the taxi passed. Lifting the hand, as for the power which stops already did not remain in the man.

The man with the hollow eye, stared the palm which dyes to the blood. Stiffness it set up the fingertip.

The man, slowly, snapped the little finger of the left hand. On that, snapping the thumb, you piled up. The index finger, it extends the middle finger and the ring finger, the cartridge still.

“Three” and, the man murmured, with small voice. As for that, almost had not become voice. The man, shook last power and, squeezed, extended the left hand. Seeing in someone, we would like to receive when with, as said.

But, no one saw.

There was a darkness of the night, just the rain got off and was continued.