Proof my email works again

In the past seven hours, I have received 490 pieces of spam. One made it to my inbox. One almost made it to my inbox. The rest were caught by SpamSieve, with no false positives.

So, yes, I’m pretty sure that the catchall mailbox at is working again. :-)

I moved one of my parked domains to a new account at Pair, the hosting side of domain registrar PairNIC. They offer clean multiple-domain support with catchall mailboxes and sophisticated filtering, secure IMAP and SMTP, and a full range of scripting languages and libraries under FreeBSD. Once I’ve tested everything out with that domain, I’ll move over, as well as the J-E dictionary I’m currently hosting on

It will be a while before I can resume the blog upgrade work I started a while back, so won’t move to the Pair account any time soon, and neither will my old high-volume picture site (which survives because of bandwidth-throttling firewall rules). All of the non-blog CGI will probably end up on once that domain is migrated off of the flaky old Shuttle sitting in my closet.