Sigh, time to change hosting

The ISP I’ve hosted at for a long time is now bouncing all of my incoming email. It seems that they silently decided to disable the wildcard delivery feature of their mail server, so of the hundreds of (something) addresses I have, exactly one of them was being accepted as a valid mailbox. And that’s not the one I use…

Verio: just say, “blow me”.

[Update: naturally their support is business-hours-only, so I’ve had to reconstruct the core list of a hundred or so useful somethings and manually add them to my account.]

[Update: so after all that, there’s no explanation of what happened, or why I still have no control over this feature on their control panel. The support guys seem like nice guys who know how to do their jobs, but I’m still dealing with the fallout from this, with no idea of how to prevent it from happening again. It looks like their updated software looks through your configured users to see if one of them has the full name “catchall”, and if not, assumes that you want to bounce everything not directly addressed to configured users. Which would be fine, if this were A) documented, and B) they’d reviewed account configs before the update to make sure it wouldn’t bite customers who’ve been with them for more than ten years]