Not spam, scam

While flipping through my “couldn’t possibly ever be non-spam” folder (which occasionally reveals what real companies try to discover email addresses for their customers by correlating with spammer databases, and I mean you, Calumet Photo, Lexus, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond), I found a message that wasn’t offering viagra, penis enlargement, breast enlargement, free downloads that would add me to a botnet, or the opportunity to help some nice Nigerian take over my identity.

No, today’s offer is “help some Russians launder money stolen from other suckers”, as a Transactions Group Specialist.

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Subject: New job alert:  Specialist / Senior Specialist (Transactions Group, part-time)
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Dear job seeker, 
This is to inform you of a new vacancy opened with SST Capital, Ltd on 
06/17/2008: Transactions Group Specialist / Senior Transactions 
Group Specialist. If you received this email in error or you no longer 
wish to receive any further job alerts, please email back with the 
following header: UNSUBSCRIBE. 
Job Summary: this part-time position can be filled while working at 
home and/or keeping your full-time job, with a commission based 
remuneration dependent on your performance. The eligible applicant 
needs to be aged 21+ years and have a verifiable residence in the 
USA. Previous business, clerical or administrative experience is a plus, 
as is college education. All required training is provided by the 
Employer: found in 2003 in Moscow, Russia, SST Capital Ltd. 
specializes in trading managed futures accounts for individual and 
institutional investors and market-making in the Russian derivatives 
market. Supported by cutting-edge in-house research, our emering 
markets and derivatives trading experience ensures consistent capita 
appreciation and superior risk-adjusted returns for our private and 
institutional clients. The unique risk profile of our debt and equity 
market-neutral strategies offers considerable opportunities for 
diversification of the more traditional long-biased debt and equity 
portfolios We also provide hedging and risk consulting services to 
power, utility and raw materials companies across Russia, Middle East 
and Eastern Europe. 
The company offers its services to eligible investors from around the 
world. Since we are chartered in Russia and only offer our services to 
qualified purchasers in the US, we are exempt from regulation by the 
CFTC and SEC of the USA. We are licensed and supervised by the 
Russian Federal Financial Markets Service as a dealer and broker in 
exchange-traded and OTC derivatives. Currently, we seek to expand 
our franchise in the USA in consideration of the increasing volatility of 
the traditional financial markets, on the one had, and decoupling and 
consistent growth of the BRIC markets, on the other. This strategy 
means that more contract-to-hire opportunities will arise for our 
temporary staff in the USA.
Role: Transactions Group Specialist will be in charge of settlement of 
incoming payments from domestic clients in the USA. Your 
responsibilities will range from receiving fund transfer notifications from 
the regional VP, to confirming the receipt of funds into your designated 
bank account, to transferring the funds into our managed client 
accounts in Russia and confirming the settlement with your bank, the 
client and the Accounting Group, as requested.  On average, your 
duties will require up to 8 hours per week. Since the Transactions 
Group is based in Moscow, all communication with your VP will be via 
phone, email and fax, so you should have immediate access to these 
facilities. You should also be able to visit your bank branch during the 
regular business hours upon a few hours notice. 
Competences: communication, multi-tasking skills, attention to detail. 
Relevant Experiene: clerical, business, administrative.
Experience Required: no
Compensation and Benefits: your renumeration is calculated as a 
percentage of the client funds that you handle and is available each 
time that you complete a transaction. There is thus no need to wait for 
the payroll check.
If you are interested it this position or would like to request additional 
information,  please contact us at Please 
make sure to provide your contact phone number. SST Capital Ltd. is 
an equal opportunities employer open to candidates of any sex, race, 
age or ethnicity.  All applications are treated in confidence.