[concept] A tech blog that doesn't suck

  1. The use of marketing phrases to describe the release of a product shall be forbidden. In particular, the word "drop" shall be reserved for articles announcing that a product has been removed from the market.
  2. Press releases for objects which are not only unreleased, but nonexistent, shall be clearly labeled "concept art," "design project," "spec work," "wishful thinking," "investor pitch," "violates second law of thermodynamics," or some other appropriate, factual description.
  3. Press releases that contain neither release dates nor specifications shall be considered to fall into one of the above categories.
  4. Factual information contained in press releases shall be clearly presented above the fold.
  5. Embedded links to manufacturers and products shall go directly to the most appropriate page on the most official source available at the time. The practice of burying the source to generate additional ad impressions shall not be tolerated.
  6. Contributors shall demonstrate at least a grade-school grasp of English composition.
  7. Except when discussing products and services specifically designed for adult-only audiences, contributors shall write for a general audience, not a locker room.
  8. Contributors and editors shall not suffer a shill to live.