November 2007

Forgive me, David, for I must sin...

As we were discussing preparations for our upcoming trip to Japan, friend Dave remarked, “of course, you’ll have to teach me a few things to say in Japanese”. He is a long-time anime fan, so he’s got some basics, but just in case, I’ve prepared a refresher course. Evil laugh.

[downsampled quite a bit and converted to mono, to compensate slightly for the fact that it’s copyrighted music. Artist: Minimoni]

Seiyuu station...

The Yurikamome line is short, and its elevated train cars are completely automated. And the announcements at each station are voiced by anime voice actors. First column, first row: Masumi Asano. First column, second row: Maria Yamamoto. Fourth column, third row: Mikako Takahashi.

Dear Apple,

Uh-huh, yeah, sure:

Subject: Leopard. Easy to install. Just say go.

So advanced, it practically installs itself.

"Wow, the new network's fast!"

Shame we have to let the users move into the building tomorrow morning.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”