A day's worth of Japanese spam

[update: well, this one’s straightforward: 「女の子の足を開かせる」]

I figured I was getting more Japanese spam recently because there’s Japanese text on this blog, but no, that’s not it. Almost all of it goes to addresses harvested elsewhere, including one I that I can never remember the origin of (“j.nwo@…”). Only one in this batch was even sent to an address in the dotclue.org domain.

The subject lines make for fun reading. One thing to note is that the structure of the language seems to be keeping them comprehensible. Either Japanese spam-filtering is a lot more primitive, mangling it to evade spam filters and still be readable is a lot harder, or both. That might explain why my teacher has trouble sending email from a US Yahoo account to some ISPs in Japan; it’s easier to just refuse messages from specific domains and IP blocks tainted by spam.

  • おっぱいを素敵な男性にも吸われたい・
  • 迷惑メール届いてませんか?
  • 美咲よりjgreelyさんへ
  • 突然申し訳ございません
  • 火遊び?プリーズ!
  • 孤独に死んで行くおつもりですか?
  • 写真みてくれましたか?
  • 今日待ち合わせできますか?
  • ネット版ハプニングバーへようこそ!
  • サクラゼロの優良サイトから無料パート
  • サクッと軽く性欲解消
  • ご指名されました
  • H友100人できるかな♪
  • ☆逆援助相手、真剣交際相手☆
  • ☆☆確実な出逢いで今日から楽しい
  • ■目的別で交際相手を探してみませんか
  • ■即アポ確実■
  • 【淫らな人妻、派遣いたします】