Con report

I had an epiphany this weekend at KublaCon, sometime before we ran Rory’s usual monstrous Dwarven Forge MasterMaze D&D adventure (this time with added “live” roleplaying).

I do not like cons.

I do not like gamers.

I particularly do not like loud, clueless, obnoxious, asocial, grotesquely obese, unbathed gamers whose greatest ambition in life seems to be saving money on a hotel room by sleeping on a chair in the hallway. Cons are full of people combining at least two of the above characteristics, frequently more.

In truth, I don’t much like people in general. I’d like to use the term “energy vampires”, but it looks like the woo-woo pop psychology cranks have already sucked it dry of meaning. Besides, they seem to think that only some small minority of the population consists of soul-draining monsters, whereas for me, there are very few people who do not eventually wear down my thin veneer of sociability to reveal the cranky bastard within. And I can only recharge when I’m alone.

[our event went surprisingly well, by the way]

[and a lot of cute JAL stewardesses stay in that hotel…]