The New MacBook: not for me

When I first looked at one, I saw some reflections from the glossy screen, but it wasn’t obnoxious. Also, while I didn’t particularly like the keyboard (anything short of a Matias Tactile Pro simply can’t be good), it wasn’t worse than my current PowerBook, just different.

Today, the local Apple Store had them set out near the windows. Afternoon sun bouncing off of the buildings across the street gave me a more realistic test of the screen’s usability, and it failed. The reflections produced by diffused store lighting were easy to ignore; the image of the street outside was not. I see a big market in add-on glare hoods.

I wouldn’t have been in the market for one for a few more months anyway, but now I’m definitely waiting to see if they deal with the problem. Right now, I’m more likely to buy a Pro in September, just because of the screen. There’s not much size (or weight) difference between the MacBook and the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the high-glare screen is still an option.

Also, the exterior of the matte black models were all smudged with fingerprints, visible from ten feet away, and they just put them on display…