Okay, now my brain hurts

It would be polite understatement to say that most of my friends do not understand my affection for such things as anime and Morning Musume. Yea, though I walk through the hallway in the shadow of Chacarron, I shall fear no evil, for kawaii art with me; Mini Strawberry Pie and fan-service comedies, they comfort me.

That said, I think this goes too far. Click on the streaming audio of track number 3.

Japanese idol singer.

The Girl from Ipanema.

In French.

Update: Track 6 is Downtown. Also in French.

Update: Track 2 is Ως αύριο, one I’d never heard before, nicely arranged in what sounds like decently-pronounced Greek. Track 8 is Amore Scusami, in Italian. She must have one helluva voice coach.