Zen koan nowhere

Creative Labs has announced their new iPod Mini killerclone, the Zen Micro. It comes in ten different colors (face-plate only, and they all have a blue border), is slightly shorter and thicker, adds an extra gigabyte of storage, and includes FM radio, voice recording, and a removable rechargeable battery, all for the same price as the Mini.

Oh, yeah, and it’s hideous:

Zen Micro

The best part of the ad is the tagline: “Zen Micro — The Mesmerizing Beauty”. I can only assume that this has been badly translated from another language, and that the original read “…Looks that will leave you stunned”.

Update: copy of official press release <a href=”http://www.chait.net/index.php?p=434”>here. And how is it being compared to the Mini?

2.5 times more song capacity – The Zen Micro with 5GB of storage capacity carries up to 2,500 (WMA, 64kbps) songs

“That’s right, Riley Thorpe! 25% more storage gives you 2.5 times more songs! But wait, there’s more! Unlike the iPod Mini, it has ergonomic design! And it turns on with our unique mesmerizing blue glow!”