Oh, now this one's just shameless

I hadn’t seen any good spam for a while, even when I indulged my curiosity and looked inside Mail.app’s Junk folder before wiping it clean. This one, however, stood out in the crowd.

Silly me, I didn’t even know the FDIC had an office in Beijing, much less that it was where they hosted their “ATM/Debit/Check Card Protection Program”.

It was, of course, sent to the email address that’s in my WHOIS records, which is not on file with any banking institution I do business with. Not that I’d have fallen for it anyway…

From solutions510@fdic.gov Thu Sep 23 12:42:00 2004
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Subject: Secure Your ATM/Debit Card  Now
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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

ATM/Debit/Check Card Protection Program

In cooperation with your bank and other major American banks 
the FDIC has developed a new anti-fraud screening solution. 
This is an effort to prevent the recent surge in credit, 
debit card fraud and identity theft.

The system is an advanced neural network that scrutinizes 
card transactions and ATM withdrawals to deliver a highly 
accurate risk score by analyzing the spending behavior of 
each cardholder along with the profile of each merchant and 
ATM. It will try to detect and stop any suspicious or 
fraudulent ATM, debit or check card activity.

Register with our ATM, debit and check card protection
program and you can use your card to shop online, in a store, 
or withdraw money at the ATM, and you'll be fully protected 
from unauthorized use of your card or account information. 
With FDIC's Zero Liability policy, your liability for 
unauthorized transactions is $0-you pay nothing!

All major American banks will implement this system within a 
near future.

We continuously receive information from your bank such as 
your e-mail, name, address and other personal information. 
Therefore the registration process is fast and we probably 
have most of your information on file already.

Note that this program only applies to your ATM, debit or 
check card - which is linked directly to your checking 
account, not credit cards.

Please take a moment and follow the link below to securely 
register your card totally free of charge.


Security Department
Do not reply to this e-mail as it is an unmonitored alias.=20