More from the iTunes Music Store

The only thing that keeps me from spending even more money than I already have at iTMS is the limited selection. Broad but not deep, that is. Some recent artists that I like aren’t listed at all, while some old favorites have just a fraction of their catalog online. And then there are the ones who were never on a major label, or who have renounced their sinful past (warning: the Flash in this site ground my browser into the dust).

Anyway, here’s what I’ve bought recently.

Complete albums:

  1. A Life In Jazz, Stan Getz
  2. Italian Love Songs, Dean Martin
  3. Swingin' With Dino, Dean Martin

Individual songs:

  1. Brown eyed girl, Van Morrison
  2. Don't rush me, Taylor Dane
  3. Tell it to my heart, Taylor Dane
  4. I'll always love you, Taylor Dane
  5. Prove your love, Taylor Dane
  6. Say, has anyone seen my sweet Gypsy Rose, Tony Orlando & Dawn
  7. Knock three times, Tony Orlando & Dawn
  8. Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, Tony Orlando & Dawn

Combined with the previous list, I think this provides all the evidence necessary to prove that I’m in my late thirties. Now to track down a copy of Running Bear.

I apologize in advance to anyone who dares to follow that link.