“Anything’s good when it’s deep-fried, even brains.
Maybe especially brains.”

—James Lileks

Friday, October 31 2014

We desperately need the rain, but…

…couldn’t it have waited until after trick-or-treating? I may have a few tens of pounds of candy left over if the kids don’t brave the storm.

Tuesday, October 28 2014

This never works…

Steve lowered his voice. “Now listen to me. This thing is big. The two you ran up against yesterday were not good samples. We’re dealing with some tough professionals. I don’t know who they are, but from what I’ve seen I can tell you they’re dangerous. So you two are to stay out of this case. That is an order. Stay on Clipper Cay and have fun.”

(from The Wailing Octopus, a Rick Brant science-adventure story)

So the next HelloVenus single is about candy…

[Update: more teasers, or teasing; bit of both]


…or perhaps eye candy…

(Continued on Page 4480)

Tuesday, October 21 2014

How sausage is made…

From TheWorstMuse:

If your alien culture isn’t a thinly veiled allegory for contemporary politics, what’s the point?

Monday, October 20 2014

Not included: a text editor

From today’s Emacs 24.4 announcement:

Highlights of this release include:
  - A built-in web browser (M-x eww)
  - Improved multi-monitor and fullscreen support
  - "Electric" indentation is enabled by default
  - Support for saving and restoring the state of frames and windows
  - Emacs Lisp packages can now be digitally signed
  - A new "advice" mechanism for Emacs Lisp
  - File notification support
  - Pixel-based resizing for frames and windows
  - Support for menus in text terminals
  - A new rectangular mark mode (C-x SPC)

Looks like I’ll need to add a few more disabling commands to my .emacs file…

Sunday, October 19 2014

Not your usual title string…

Amusing QA error on a maid-cafe web site; the title and keywords section of the page header are error messages of the form: “Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/html/www_maid/S/wp-content/themes/maid2013/functions.php”.

This is the sort of thing that announces to the world, “Hi, we’re clueless PHP users; please try to crack our site”.

Also, I have to say that while I understand what they were trying for with the maidreamin.com domain, my initial parse of the URL was a bit… anal.

Wednesday, October 15 2014

Sad attempt at a halloween costume

On sale now at Amazon: The Lame-Ass Samurai.

Samurai Loungewear

Badly-held sword and ninja socks not included.

This is far from the most cringeworthy “asian” Halloween costume available…

[Update: Sigh. Genghis Khan Samurai Costume (cosplaying for the other team?); Ninja Warrior Set (extra-shiny, to blind opponents when you fail your Stealth check). ]

Friday, October 10 2014

Ranking the modern Doctors

  1. Eccleston
  2. Tennant
  3. Hurt
  4. Smith
  5. Morrissey
  6. Capaldi

Wednesday, October 8 2014

Dear Amazon,

I can find a very faint trace of relevance in the first recommendation, but not in the second one. Please enlighten me.

From from kindle to kinder, from music to mattresses?

(and the reason this image is so large is that I took the screenshot on my Surface Pro 2, which has a high-density 1080p display, and Photoshop refuses to make the fonts readable if I shrink it any further)

Dear Former President Obama,

When Jimmy Carter calls you a sissy, you have failed utterly at foreign policy.

Monday, October 6 2014

Hawk, by Steven Brust

The new Vlad Taltos novel arrived. Drat that horrible evil Amazon! It’s not bad enough that they work hard to sell me the things I want at prices I like, but they had to go and deliver it a day early. The fiends!

I haven’t even read the blurb on this one yet, since I’ll pretty much buy anything Brust writes, the moment it’s available. He may be an unrepentant communist, but the man can write.

Friday, October 3 2014

There’s a perfectly good reason for this…

9-element Shigeuchi layout

…and here it is:

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Wednesday, October 1 2014

Stylish, Well-Engineered, Reliable

Pick two. Or, if you’re feeling less charitable toward Apple, one.

“Just today: My iPhone 6 rebooted after I changed the home screen wallpaper. Tapped a new image in the wallpaper settings, and poof, it rebooted. Worse, it never stopped rebooting. Endless reboot cycle. Now I’m doing a full restore with iTunes. After changing my wallpaper to a different image.”

(of course, anyone who buys brand-new Apple designs on launch day is playing with fire in a fireworks factory…)

(not that anyone else’s first shipment of new stuff is necessarily glitch-free, but Apple does seem to be particularly bad at it sometimes)

Update: I followed the link from the article I linked, and while reading it… Safari crashed.

Wednesday, September 10 2014

Dear Amazon recommendation system,

Never change.

Tongs, because USB3

Boom and Bust

Y’know, I was just thinking that there isn’t enough terrible anime on the shelves any more…

(direct link for those whose ad-blockers won’t show Amazon iframes)

Sunday, September 7 2014

Tip of the day

Don’t practice martial arts barefoot on artificial turf, on a hot sunny day. My sunburn and my rugburn are competing to see which one is the most annoying. Apart from that, the Shinkendo seminar was terrific.

Thursday, September 4 2014

Quote of the day

“I can’t believe I just got rickrolled by your cubicle.”
– Jennifer

…because I taped this to the wall.

Wednesday, September 3 2014

Not your typical celebrity car accident

One K-pop singer dead, another one in critical condition, and a third hospitalized, because:

“Around 1:30 AM in Suwon, an issue occured with the car’s back wheel coming off. With the rainy road and wheel coming off, the vehicle spun several times, hitting a guardrail.”

Monday, September 1 2014

This will make sense later…

7,8,9; 10,11; 23,24; 25,26. Dots to dot; shift, left over right; shift, right over left; reset. Repeat.

Saturday, August 30 2014

I find this argument oddly compelling…

Brian Cates has a healthy dialogue about modern feminism. Only work-safe if everyone around you admires the sight of Sofia Vergara in very little clothing.

I wish they’d run reruns of Fuera de Serie sometime; while the main attraction was Sofia’s amazing body, it was actually a fun little travel show, even if you don’t speak any Spanish.

“Need a clue, take a clue; got a clue, leave a clue.”