“As for smoking bans in ‘public places,’ there are three reasons why they’re unjustified. First, pubs and clubs are actually private property. Second, bars don’t have to be smoky any more, with the air-cleaning technology available. But most importantly: no danger from ‘second-hand smoke’ has ever been proven. Unlike most journalists, politicians and, regrettably, doctors, I’ve gone through all of the more than 40 studies. Only a few show any risk, and it’s statistically insignificant. There are higher risks from drinking milk, using mouthwash and keeping pet birds. I swear I’m not making this up! People who use this sort of ‘junk science’ to stigmatise smokers and to nag and bully us out of our pleasures should be bloody well ashamed of themselves.”

—Joe Jackson, in The Independent

Friday, February 5 2016

Lack of anime-blogging

I haven’t had anything to say about anime recently, because the only things I’ve watched so far this year are Bodacious Space Pirates on Crunchyroll (in convenient tablet form) and The Seven Deadly Sins on Hulu.

[gratuitous link to Elizabeth cosplay]


There’s nothing more confusing than a loanword that looks too much like another loanword. A “T-shatsu” is a t-shirt, so what is a “Y-shatsu”? A white (wai) shirt. I loved the head-scratching on the Hello!Project forums back when Reina Tanaka covered “Heya to Y-shatsu to Watashi”, trying to figure out what a Y-shaped shirt could be.

But Reina covering a Y-shatsu isn’t nearly as interesting as a Y-shatsu covering Ai Shinozaki…

Ai shinozaki white shirt

(more revealing photos here; video and pictures from her lengthy new Maxim Korea shoot: video, part 1, 2, 3, 4, posters)

Tuesday, February 2 2016

Snowball’s chance in…

First snowfall in Okinawa in recorded history.

Anyone know if Al Gore was in the area?

Monday, February 1 2016

Iowa caucuses

I can’t decide if this picture represents Clinton or Trump tonight. Maybe both.

Picdump 1258 13


Dear Amazon,

Once Upon A Time, I’m sure “old boy” style Pipe Lighters fit the category of “household supplies”.

Amazon recommends household supplies

However, even in Japan, these are not self-help books:

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Sunday, January 31 2016

This will not end well…

Schoolgirl versus sacred deer


Saturday, January 30 2016


If I were packing for a glamour photo shoot, I might bring along a pair of cat or bunny ears, but as this shot of Ayaka Sayama demonstrates, Japanese photographers cover all bases.

Ayaka Sayama

(via the giant sorted collection of girlie pics at 大盛りあがりグラビア館)

Thursday, January 28 2016

Food fight!

Or more precisely, “utensil fight”. This is a much more entertaining use of Misa Etō and Yūri Saitō than the typical Nogizaka46 video…

Food fight: Yuri Saito and Misa Eto


Tuesday, January 26 2016

So long, and thanks for Fish

Rest in peace, Abe Vigoda.

“Dear 2016, please stop killing off the good ones.”

Monday, January 25 2016

Red half-rims…

One for Steven: a live-action spotting of a cute Japanese girl wearing red half-rim glasses. Only the glasses, so NSFW after the jump.

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Saturday, January 23 2016

Warning labels

In addition to the kanji 「歳」 preceded by a number, there are some other clues that a pretty young model is actually a dangerously-young model. In a video store, for instance, the “U-15” section will be chock full of 15-and-under girls, and as the shelves fill up, you may even find a separate (squick!) U-12 section (or their equivalents “JC” and “JS”). U-17 seems quite innocuous by comparison, especially when attached to the formidable figure of Natsuki Sawada.

Natsuki Sawada at 17


And in a rare case of a number making it easier to ogle, there’s Nana Hiratsuka’s 30+α Bluray release.

Thursday, January 21 2016

Cheating fate

What to do when your fortune cookie says “You will become a crazy cat lady”.

Crazy cat lady in training

Tuesday, January 19 2016

House styles

Nanase Otoha

The most interesting thing about this picture of Nanase Otoha (乙葉ななせ) is that I instantly knew that she was a porn actress. There were no clues on the Tumblr I found the picture on, and I’d never seen her before. There’s just something about the lighting and styling that I can’t quite put my finger on that gives it away. Not the first time; about once a week, I find a photo of a fully-dressed, attractive young Japanese woman and know that it’s from a promo shoot for a porn flick.

When he’s not dressed as Santa…

…the Colonel takes on other roles.

Kentucky Fried Dragonball

Sunday, January 17 2016

No comment needed…



Saturday, January 16 2016

A nice figure

Kitakami figure


Cultural Appropriation

Last seen showing off practical applications of Ribbon Theory, here’s Doctor Nekomu Otogi, NSFW, demonstrating the proper technique for respectful cultural appropriation.

Friday, January 15 2016

Forever alone…

NSFW after the jump.

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Thursday, January 14 2016

An odd day

First I get a phony cruise offer on my cellphone (which has been on the national do-not-call list for years), then I get a call from an annoyed woman asking why I called her cellphone. It seems the cruise-spammer is faking caller-id using the same list of numbers it’s calling.

The polite young black man in a three-piece suit peddling The Watchtower almost didn’t register after that annoyance.

“Need a clue, take a clue; got a clue, leave a clue.”