Recently spotted

R.I.P Bob Newhart

“Twelve more years!”

Democrats take their best shot

Literal magical thinking

What asylum looks like

Agile: software :: Communism: government

The Cloud Remembers

You're Wearing It Wrong™

Vernor Vinge, R.I.P

Toothbrush botnet?

Literal Pen Testing


Democrat vote fraud charges? Again?

Another day, another identity theft

Gun control without border control...

32+ felonies in a year, officer?

Have it your way. Finally.

Apple Discovers QA (finally!)

Baby Steps In California

Bond's new pronouns: woke/cuck

Largest climate arson in Louisiana history

More Climate Arson

Climate Tantrum Brigade: Fail

Dark-Roasted Concrete

Zoom CEO denounces Zoom

Canada's Socialized Medicine Endgame

Ten bucks says they're putting in cameras...

Metaphor alert!


Good Gal With A Gun

Chiseling protestors...

Desert Eagle not get-out-of-jail-free card

Gosh, why would they deny it?

Home-defense katana

The End Is NieR!

Climate Activist Arsonist


“Please consider to replace”

To Keep And Bear Tires

Multiple-Choice Ethics

Judicial Reparations

NJ bans BB

CA needs more gun control...

Desecrating A Python

Bud Light goes tits-up

Wind is clean, fiberglass not so much

Word on the street...

Federal Bureau of Ineptitude

Replacing bias with hallucination

Citizen Of The Year

‘domestic political advisors’

He forgot to say “hold my beer”...

CA election fraud (again)

Fregh Tropical Fruit

rm -rf /notam-db

Play Stupid Games, Win Sucking Chest Wounds

Smooth Criminal

Only cops can be trusted with guns...

Coffee is a vegetable!

Collective Bargaining FAIL

Angela Lansbury, R.I.P

When Crazy sticks you

More armed feds than Marines

Representative Vote Fraud


Russian Spy now Russian Citizen

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

The Light Rail of Tears

Because nobody can replace a barista!

Olivia Newton-John, R.I.P

Unicode crashes Destiny 2

XKCD explains global warming

Left-wing assassin aimed high

“No, no, I wanted a real woman!”

Forest fires are not ‘carbon offsets’

Representative Love Hina

Shinzo Abe assassinated

When vegans kill

Liberal World Order

Cars of a feather...

Schoolgirl Mech-Pilot 101

“Oh, you mean that vote fraud”

Putting the fun in 'fungible'


Abortion, assassination, what's the difference?

Man Bites Dog

Electric cars, but no electricity

Latinx In The Latrine

“...and that is our job”

FBI-led plot lacks conviction

What could possibly go wrong?

Dem fundraiser seeks seniors for non-con data-mining; no weirdos

“Oh, you mean that gaslighting”

“You're still holding it wrong”

“Oh, you mean that deplatforming”

“Oh, you mean those innacurate voting machines”

“Oh, you mean those uncounted mail-in ballots”

Palance beats Hoffman

Money Pitt

Crypto-Nuclear Money Laundering

“They sneezes!”

...for a three-hour tour...

Newsom: “suck it, taxpayer!”

31 bits is enough for everyone

“Permanent means indefinite. It doesn’t necessarily mean permanent”

Bug or Feature: Blockchain Edition

“Math is hard for us, let's loot Nordstrom!”

Triggers trigger

Yeah, what he said

Just take my money (Prusa edition)

Google Chrome update breaks competing web sites

PERS goes after Meta

Pentagon forgives Pentagon for child murders

LEGO my supply-chain!

Things Confucius Never Said

How will they QA this?

Paved with bad intentions

To be fair, they can't afford reporters

“Alexa, set an alarm for 420”

Fly your ZX-81 at half-mast...

New? Oh, you sweet child...

“When the lie's so big...”

Lar nya pooka

Kamala and the Five Prongs

“ID not on file” != “no ID”

Big Hard Dream Train

Chromebooks && You

Go woke, get smoked

Apple's (latest) FU to Mac users

Mysterious fire in 3, 2, 1...

“Don't eat that!”

Least-surprising science news...

“The voters have let us down.”

Exim Considered Harmful

IPA Reader

Crippling usability problems, you say?

Fact Check: True

How would you tell?

“Let's regress to the mean!”

Firefox adds new malware vector

Still a few actual journalists out there...

Another victory for Apple QA?

The question is the answer

7 years without backups?

“Mr. Pelosi, tear down that wall!”

In a free country, they'd all go to jail

Pentagon admits women aren't fit for combat

I prefer sweater puppies

Satire is hard these days...

“We've removed the books from our shelves...”

Pepe Le Pew Considered Harmful

80% of the kids I knew growing up...

“Math is hard for me, let's go rioting!”

The 29th of Ai (NSFW)


Planned Obsolescence, Apple Style

No Fry's with that

Muppets Considered Harmful

Another WorldCon Con Job

Exhibit A in Trump's defense...

“That's What She Said.”

“Miss him yet?”

Google tastes like ASS

Mira Furlan, R.I.P

“Miss me yet?”

Faster, please

Leaving NY the hard way

Shortcut to Corruption

Now ask about documentation...

Apple blocks apps containing word 'COVID'

Chuck Yeager, R.I.P

Yuuna OVAs coming soon

Another Trump victory...

Pulling out all the stops

All horseshit, no pony

Shoot Different(TM)

They only catch the dumb ones...

Big Sur Bricking Laptops

I fell into a burning Ring-made doorbell

Dog Bit Men

Democrats = RICO

Introducing the McBiden

The ABLE System

We, um, fixed the glitch

James Randi, R.I.P

Mind if we call you 'Bruce' to keep it clear?

Biden his time...

Apple's Legendary (OS) QA

Apple's Legendary (Watch) QA

Left erases another black man

“I meant your police”

Apple's Legendary QA

Microsoft Skyrim

Princeton's Petard

Social Science: still not science

Capitalism bad, Paypal me for details

Pluto Nash hardest hit

It's a vegan-eat-vegan world

Adobe CloudWipe

False positives? Inconceivable!


Proper Identification

“Compliance Ambassadors”

A World Without Cops...

Corona-chan Maid Café!

“While this is an incomplete list...”

Vote fraud? In New Jersey? Inconceivable!

Very tentatively, Corona-chan in March 2019

Silicon Valley hardest hit

All AWS services in 20 words or less

Big cat is big

Rioters violate Gandhi

WHO stepped on that rake

For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that,...

DJB Considered Harmful (again)

Shooting looters is not a new idea...

“You bought it, you broke it.”

Google makes you an offer they then refuse...

Corona-chan has a gun!

Liberal church-burners

Doom's Denuvo-ectomy

No more funemployment for you!

640K is enough...

Inkscape goes 1.0

Ferguson's GIGO model segfaulted the world

Russia defenestrates whistleblowers

Karen Hotline beats 911

Apple's JPEG Inflation

Corona-chan's February Silicon Valley debut

IKEA meatballs

25% of Japanese are Tokyo commuters...

Oh Ruby, don't take my clips to town

Cool; do the UN next...

IT is dead, long live IT!

For The Hoard!

Lies Democrats told you

French lockdown: “papers, please”

Truth in Dilbert...

Facts over fears (banned on Twitter and Medium!)

San Jose under martial law

Corona-chan's November debut...

Literal white-knighting

Buy American!

Teenage Tomcat security hole

Hidden Fictions

R.I.P Robert Conrad

Best Bee headline ever

Killer California Raisins

Ultimate rock-paper-scissors

Apple Core Rot

Netflix plays Misty for you...

Metaphor Alert! hardest hit

So much for the B Ark...

Unix: A History and Memoir

Apple QA: Threat Or Menace?

The limits of ebooks...

The Secret Origin of 80x25

Why Apple Can't Code...

Heartwarming video of the day

Teach them well and let them lead the way...

Mary-Sue Oglaf (NSFW)

Bee: Speaking Truth To Power

Quim Pro Quo


Yarnpocalypse Now

Tip of the vote-fraud iceberg

Chrome is literal malware

Candace Owens 2024

Intersectional Insurrection

Welcome To Amazon, Ann!

Fork off, bigots

PSA: Don't Vape Vitamin E

WaifuSupply (NSFW)

Holiday Shopping Hours

Atari Lynx 2 Nintendo Switch Lite

High-Sticking Mann

Dem Senators For More Trump

Spork Must Die!

But isn't that illegal?

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

“My Life As A Russian Spy”

Rutger Hauer, R.I.P

Ridiculously overwritten, but true

Fresh code beats legacy, water still wet

Three Cooters Agree...

Manhattan, our best and darkest

“I know, I'll use regular expressions!”

Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!

How Android permissions work

Cashless society cashes out

Book Cover Club

Getting a ring on it...

“...during a no-knock SWAT raid over an unpaid gas bill”

You'll never get rid of the Dane...

Communist Party loves Democrats; dog bites man

Constitution? Never heard of it.

Paging Richard Feynman...

Ignorance of the law is his excuse

Thanks, Amazon!

Cat Samurai Prime

“I think I'll call him 'Bob'...”

Prepared interviewer commits actual journalism

Edible Terabytes

R.I.P Doris Day

Remastered HHGTTG Bluray

Peggin' Sue

Field guide to Asian scripts

Stalking the Wily Fascist

R.I.P Gene Wolfe

Comic Neue font

L.A. Story...

Less qualified than an actual chair...

“When that did not work, ...”


What happens at Planet Hollywood...

Civil rights victory? In California?

Probably not a Republican...

“The only cure is quitting marijuana”

More jobs Americans won't do

Websplaining to JWZ...

Mean chicks gang up on fox

How to kill a sport

So that's the new euphemism?

Lighting rigs at half mast

Transparent bicycle seat, because Japan (NSFW)

Men are so competitive...

How much is a hitokake?

When you've lost Gruber...

This is CNN...

Sukabu art book

Go, Go, Global Warming!

“Let them eat pow wow chow...”

Homebrew for Linux & Windows

Finding Lena

Surprisingly, not from Japan

Easy as Apple Spy

Unicorn Chaser

Because if they're not suffering...

T.U.R.D.I.S In Flight

“Magic dildo, my ass”

Watership Woke


Ginger Ail

Coolest lens I never used

A littly too nip-y...

Classical Reference

Traditional Japanese Africa

Gently Caress That!

California's last resort: sanity

No-Prizes at Half Mast


Road House Code Of Conduct

Pictures of U

No Happy Ending

Cultural Appropriation...

Social Justice Kittens 2019

Home Ec for surgeons

systemd remote exploit

Got Fetish?

Awesome Code of Conduct

Japan's Hometown tax

Punch back twice as hard

Isekai schoolgirl porn

Global Warming: What can't it do?

Linux, R.I.P

Obstruction of Justice

The Kavanaugh Maneuver

Gracious winner Naomi Osaka

Praising the whiny loser

R.I.P Burt Reynolds

Australia: 1, Spy: 0

Wikipedia error inspires Twittermob

California Goes Dark

Not diluted enough, apparently...

Commies gotta Commie

Google Skynet



Amazon Riders

Self-identified boardwomen

Is it okay to play mobile games in a Dungeon?

Azure customer DoS attack

A Constellation of Trumps

84 shot in Obama birthday celebrations

Water: still wet

Norman's Sky

Kawaii LD-50

“You know who else flung poo?”

It's Dockers all the way down


“most successful Australian-produced single”

The red dot gets NSFW


L versus T


Steve Ditko, R.I.P

Gruber hates copyright

Climate justiceArson

Let's Fsck the Time Machine again!

Urban Renewal

Danes: Assimilate or GTFO

R.I.P Dangerous Visions

Tracey Ullman gets woke...

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Christopher Stasheff, R.I.P

Mehlkochstück = Tangzhong

Sazerac smackdown

Matt “Guitar” Murphy, R.I.P

The Cisgressive Brie Larson

...Japanese tourists hardest hit

Build your own containers!

Skyrim for Alexa

Hey Apple, catch up!

No cake for you!

Manning Loses Appeal

Fallout 76 trailer

The latest lies about illegals

He chose...poorly

New Vorkosigan novella

SF craps on tourism

Harry Anderson, R.I.P


AmazonBasics Kettlebells

Can You Freeze This?

Golden Age of Science Fiction: 12

Silencing the opposition

Communist Party attacks debate

Multiple copies of a giant Excel spreadsheet

Dems stuck on stupid

NRA way down the list...

Pelosi mows the lawn

ILoH fisks another idiot


3D Tokyo Subway Model

Easy Hue Play

Alexa gets religion

Japanese food noises

Barrett: high-caliber service

Parenting done right...

R.I.P. Peter Wyngarde

Tick 2.0

East Coast Hatercon

Coke Adds Fiber

3rd-warmest year since 1st Coke bottle

WorldCon: haters, bigots, or both?


Casting out the heretics

Registration is confiscation, again

Neutral Evil?

Straight Girls Can't Coach

“Not Asian enough...”

When words were born...

Obama's book-free library

Shoestring Machine Gun

Fixing the NFL

Green Eggs and racist propaganda

Actual Commie Rat

NYC's Marxist Mayor

Mascot Life


Thug life

Jeanne d'Arc, Confederate Heroine

Brickmuppet Family Album :-)

Girls will be girls...

Amazon's world conquest continues

Makin’ Whoopee

Heraldry != Branding

Galaxy Magazine archives

Surprisingly, not Hello!Project

Fun Fact: straight men prefer dickless women

Megatokyo: Finally!


LiveJournal now hosted in Russia

Jail time for lying slut

The dog ate Comey's homework

Kathy Griffin's Cultural Appropriation

Mad's Recipe Emporium (wayback)

I could use one of these...

Miss USA: What's not to like?

Text-only DeviantArt

The case against the case against Trump

Real Peer Review

Same stats, different graphs

Every TED talk ever

Marching for Nonscience


Fooling computer vision

Japanese woodblock prints

The Popsicle Twins

Ewok Ice Capades

I love and hate this


2016 election by precinct

An American Pepper in TVLand



Squid-drying machine

Go Full Tang

FutureWorld (NSFW)

Fukushima Fake News

This is SPARTA!

Fake Orphans

Douglas Adams' CalExit

X-cellent X-23 cosplay

Book em, Danno!

Full-auto crossbow

Walt's primary colors...

TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago

Tendinitis blaster

The problem with p-values

Campbell explains Shatner

1900's Color Japan

Seriously, Microsoft?


The Lighthouse Joke

15 on $15

Joe Bob on Trump

Science! Worldboobs (pdf)

Strike that, reverse it

Yamato Museum

The Flashlight Test

British Library on Flickr

Japan 1904

NYPL Japan collection

SJW-speak decoded

Cosplay & K-fashion

The clock is a lie

Wife Café

Roger Fuckebythenavele

Ai Knows (NSFW)

Vermont Curry

Quality is Job 1

One vote matters

Embrace the Trigger

Pricy Print Club

Major Bambi

Hillary campaign song

Making cosplay boobs


SMoD 2016

Once you go worm...


Social Construct, eh?

Name Age Calculator

Descriptivist Linguistics

Shark-Jumping Woobies

Lady Mondegreen's Ass Baton

Flaming rage nozzles of tolerance

Free Renderman

Female Armor Bingo

Core memory

Speed-archer debunked

The Kimono Gallery


Stargate Cosplay

Traditional Japanese crafts





Burst that bubble!


Rape culture

The story so far...

Social Justice Kittens, in print!

Murder Culture

Pop Sonnets

Notable Knots

K-pop ice bucket

Every trick in the book

Does Thibault cancel out Capoferro?

Zeist as the key insight

Jobs Americans won't do?

The Worst Muse

Food or wifi?

Carefully Slip

Moriarty quotes file

The girl who leapt through cover art


Easy mode!

Medical Homelessness

VR gender differences

Trigger Happy

Trigger warning: 'Studies'

Freefall backstory

Ace smackdown

Sailor Moon Lingerie

Sarah Hoyt on SFWA

Pippi Longstocking by Ghibli


Modern Education

“rape culture” fiction

Obamacare Cupcakes


Canadian Health Care Paradise

ClusterCare Exchanges

Mars is hard for me!

“Go, Neil, Go!”

Korean X Files, 1609

The Liefeld Way

Adobe's rough trade

Props for Obama

Design Jargon Bullshit

Liberal Headsplosion Headline

Whitewash review

Silhouette Masterpiece Theater

Old Photos of Japan

The gentle art of persuasion

Tesla 1, NYT 0

Winter 1, Tesla 0

Browning 1911-22

“Assault Weapons”

Steampunk AK-47

A Cubic Light-year of Cheese

Which swimsuit?

Non-Apple maps in Japan

Open Goldberg Variations

They Live Blu-ray

Zappa in iTunes Store

Undoing communism

Life imitates Art

Modern Warfare

'Still Alive' on laser

The Witch Watch

Ensign Sue Must Die!

Health Physics

Google Web Fonts

Dispatches from Wondermark Manor

Le Hardcore

Things that Turbo Pascal is smaller than

iOS5 dick move

Please stand by for a demonstration of relevancy.

Fake Name Generator

Japanese commercials by year

More inept iPadification


Things could be worse



Sondheim goes off

Obama's Great Achievement

New Moneypenny

AsoIku licensed


Forehead Tittaes

Outside Aperture

On Chomsky

The Big Meow, finally!

On 'Natural' Medicine

Tickle Me Penguin

Best. Dilbert. Ever.

Radiation, by XKCD

Quake timelapse

Complete Lovecraft Ebook

Swab your cart

David Rumsey Map Collection

30,000 pigs

Japan travel PDFs

Hot Family Photo (SFW)

Erotica prolifica

Sunrise/Sunset calendars


Things People Don't Say About Advertising

Winning the girl in eroge

Good lawyering

Schrödinger's Bomb Squad

The Perfect Cover

Physical Map of the World

The Elements in Japanese

Dowdifying Asimov

Slow Portal

The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense

JSblock in Safari5

Cullman Liquidation

Satan's Gallery

Bad F/SF book covers

The Omnivore's Delusion

Fanservice Fitness

Chicken-fried Bacon

Congressional book-burning

Armstrong Cash

Safari Flash-blocker

Jailhouse Rock

We Will Rock You

The Rangel Rule

Kung Fu Chef

Tsundere Linux

Tentacle Grape

Zune Leaping!


Strip Poetry

Earth over Moon

International bra sizes



Vista speedups

Miko Cafe

Hand Maid Alice

Dr. Horrible

Ambient Pain

The Doctor's Patience

A Godwin Future

Spaghetti sauce and you

Touch Scala

Country Coconuts

Melon Target

Drifting Under the Influence...

A Miracle of Science

Skullcrusher Mountain



Japan's 100 Heroes

Harmonic convergence?

Targus X-Stand

Semi-identical twins


Agent to the Stars

Finding Nemo 2


Dating Potential

Kitchen Candid

Idolmaster Review

Girls of Engineering

Gothloli golfers, WII!

ADV gets AMG

Canadian Maid Cafe


Bunny-girl Biyuuden

Domain Hell

JLPT Study

Japanese Mac/PC ads

Kerry is so very...

The Tao of Backup

Give me back my Google

Deep-fried Coke

Overflow (Dock Helper)

Minihams, live

Sexy Beam



Roman Numerals

“I'm a Mac/PC”: pwned!

Ted Stevens, Super Genius

Bush on Kelo

zefrank on Delta

Night-elf prototype

Aerobic Engrish

Pax Galaxia

“Hammer and thongs...”


John Scalzi's advice to teen writers

I sing the Internet

Mac backup tools

Planarity (flash game)

The Big Meow goes live

Portable FLV player

Fad water

iPod, by Microsoft

NSFW Romance

Tensai dictionary

Oh, Felgercarb

Diabetic? Try Minimoni.

Song of the year...

Pre-game training

Pet SWATters

Fear The Cute Ones


Bug hunting

Magical cats on spec



Hello Kitty Breath Tester

Finally, kid-free zones

gif or jif?

Bi-Curious George

Sony Rootkit(TM)

“Grim milestones”

Boxer Time?

Helluva computer...

ID: redefining “science” for a better tomorrow

Homeless or Jesus?

Neapolitan fashion

Constructive interference

Present Perfect?

“regularly for regularity”

Cat 5 explained


Katrina, meet Navy

Linotype FontExplorer X


The Erotic Adventures of Buffy and Evil Vampire Willow

Animal-Wrongs Activists

SciAm on Creationism (pdf)

iPod Shuffle Dock Adapter

GarageBand Anywhere

Penny Arcade IT Dept.

Big enough, mate?

60 years after the bomb

Sake World

Clip coupon for trim

Radioactive Panda (webcomic)

Anarchy, meet Order

Spurlock Watch

Zarqawi talkback

Lifelike Hollywood technology”?!?

“chickenhawk!” deconstructed

Rob & Elliot (webcomic)

Durbin smackdown

Kim compromised

Faster, PETA! Kill! Kill!

Schiavo autopsy

Cat vacuuming

JWZ finally drinks the kool-aid

Asian Booth Bunnies

When dinosaurs attack... Noah

Japanese basketball blows

Matt Howarth comics

The Zippo-friendly skies


Tiger details

iPod vending machine

JavaScript Japanese IME

女子高生 gone wild

Nanotech bar-codes to the rescue!

Turkey City Lexicon

Misfile (web-comic)

Once you go Mac...

Girl Genius Online

Time enough for zombies

English teacher in Japan

Catgirl Avengers RPG

Stargate: Japan

Clone Shuffle

Superman goes bad

SF Chronophysics

Chronology Central

TV Pocky

Xbox Inside (NSFW)

A (mostly) sane school board

How to win the teen vote

Jury selection tips...

Abu Ghraib, facts vs. fiction

MMORPG with anime furries

truth in voting

Expressive punctuation

Theoretical disclaimers

The Panda's Thumb

Underwater iPod

Wear it with pride

Talkin’ ’bout evolution (in action)

Send the Marines!

Arafat's Legacy

Mara-chan explains it all

Strategic Helium Reserve, RIP

The exit polls explained

Maxxum 7D early review

When Democrats Attack

Realdoll vs Superbabe

iMac Lifting For Dummies

North Korea at a glance

Smog hits record low

Zell channels MSM

INCH: Amanda John Matthew Marie

AFL-CIO: proud Bush-hating vandals

Tokyo Game Show cosplay

Stupid Smart Growth

Kerry: a C3P0 for our times

Inkjet kimonos

Schoolyard bullies for Kerry

Not living in fear...

McDiets without bias

Bush bounce


Laura Branigan, RIP

Who pays after the Bush tax cuts

POWs on Kerry

More vets on Kerry

Democrats: the party so nice we're gonna vote twice

Fun with Watchmen

Who knew squirrels had their own Hell's Angels?

Note to Kerry: this is what Purple Hearts are for


Winnie-the-Pooh Is My Co-worker


Teddy needs a teddy

Clippy, Destroyer of Worlds

Good thing he served in Vietnam!

More (underreported) good news from Iraq

Songs to gouge out your own eyeballs by

“Look, ma, more WMDs!”

Fact-checking f911

Lies of FearAndHate 9/11

U.N. in-action


Instant Leftist, just add entropy

Fortunately, it's a joke.

Clinton loses it

The Annotated Dowd

The real Abu Ghraib

Striking back at Michael Moore

Modern media reporting on D-Day

Dawn Of The Dead Man Who Would Be King Prince Of Ghor

Empowering Iraqi women

Still Unbelievin' after all these years?

Pagare tutti, pagare meno

Sugar, sugar

California motorcycle roads

Sarin confirmed in roadside bomb

Unskilled and Unaware

People died, Moore lied

Lessons from Florida 2000

10.5 gets 0.0

“our test came to the very conclusion that women want to hear”

Kissing Hank's Ass

Some days, you need a little Khan

imaginary girlfriends... .com!

Funding graduation parties, Oslo style

Penn on Bullshit

No carbs, no dinner

“Mork doesn't live here, so go away”

Brockovich, errin'


Two men, full of crap

Yes, he really said this.

Michael Moore, caught again

Trebuchet, the home game

More penguin abuse

With friends like these, who needs Ashcroft?

Contractors in Iraq

Ashcroft Porn

NYC Bread and Circuses

The Modern Muslim Woman

Fark labels this “amusing”??

Poor man's Steadicam

Lies, Damn Lies, and Obesity

Carpathian Quagmire

Pity they weren't willing to examine the science...

R.I.P., Pompeo Posar

CBD Kana

“Homeland HEPA Security”?!?

100 years ago...

And if she could figure this out...

“The community has to decide whether this is justified”

“Thunderbirds are what?!?”

So much for appeasement...

Spray-on Usability

Atkins irregularities

Allah on Kerry

The iPod Mile-High Club

Zero tolerance for the color pink

Obesity “epidemic” explained

Randi on science

Clarke joins Kerry's Waffle Party

“Life of Brian” resurrected

“Nanny wanted, strict discipline a must”

Anti-War, Pro-Trample

JJ Jackson, RIP

Spanish Jumping Beans

Scalia spanks Sierra Club

More Bullshit! (P&T style) soon

Supersized fraud exposed

Penguin Flash

Urban wetland really leaky water pipe

When governments attack

“If you tax it, they will leave”

How to write unmaintainable code

Better than oil?

Last remaining clue surgically extracted from Michael Jackson

Columbine: 2 years of warning signs

Real Michigan wolverines

Response checklist for “new” spam solutions

More Edwards-y goodness

Edwards the Electable Studmuffin?

Nader the thief

How to cook an anarchist

Fighting City Hall

Treating lung cancer

Paranoia returns

Exhaustive report on Bush in the Guard

Angels now soaking in it

The dark side of Japanese culture

Unspinning Bush's service record

Cheesecake for the troops

Flying blind

Win the Necronomicon

Presenting the NanoClue

Smoking Gun

Fingering fingerprints

Great Balls of Fire!

US obesity explained

Budget surplus by 2014

More Kay counterspin

“madpony full contact wrestling mania”

Unspinning Kay's WMD quotes

You see an IKEA here.

Mad dogs and Englishmen

Bush-league ribs

iTMS RSS feeds

Nuts for Gore

Gout from Atkins

Going macho for profit

Koch for Bush

Japanese fetish dictionary

Lectures in lace

USB is for lovers

dot-com bust, revisited

Steyn on trial

The year in review

EU insanity

Christmas Revue Review

Cuddly IPO

Denial how-to

DMS trumps DCSD

All the news that's Left, we print

Once More, With Hobbits

Cyber Maids

Ambient Arcade

Bite me

Cthulhu Saves!

The lion shoots tonight

The best chili...


Organic != safe & healthy

What the hell?

But not a Mac!

*jacker = moron

Science Sucks

Miss Afghanistan

Ann Coulter doll

Sex tips for men

“The monkey watches”

Dot Politics

PSA, AAA style

Losing the victory

“Mostly harmless,” eh?

Where Arnold won

Virtual Gray Davis

WMD Believers

Single-malt warfare

Segway Safety

Or do they mean raisins?

Mr. Pot, Democrat

Windy City hot air

Dogpile on the NYT

somebody slap her


Freedom in Canada

Lie some, Moore

Master Bombardier


Know your allies

Big Brother's Car

US crime still dropping

Defending depleted

Radioactive consumers

Facing failure


Pop goes the Lileks

Proof they're not human

Darwin says “Hi”

Think it'll suck?

Remington trigger adjustments

How Davis Runs

Skeeter Science

Bye-Bye BuyMusic

Virgin Raisins

Vote Cute

Plus ça change...

Deconstructing Moore

Gaming bikinis

Decriminalizing library cards

California Democracy

Online color-blindness

Airline Insecurity

The New Spy Planes

Supporting Diversity

Historical baby names

Lost in translation

Dignity costs extra

Night Terrors

Liquor is quicker...


The power of cheese

Catholic tastes

Aiyee! Austin Seuss!

God hates piercings


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”