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Liz Stewart

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Lens tests

Been waiting long? Yeah, well, I've given up on apologizing for the lack of updates to this site. With luck, these pictures of the lovely and charming Liz Stewart will make up for it. These are the last scans from my old Nikon LS-2000, the device that's caused me so much pain over the years. All new pictures (when they appear) will either come from my walkabout digicam (Olympus E-20) or my wonderful new Minolta film scanner.

...which will be called wonderful as long as it keeps working the way it has so far. The good news is that I've got two more rolls of Liz to scan in, and I think they're better than the ones I'm posting now. More good news is that we're currently planning to shoot a whole bunch more soon during my next trip to LA.

– 2003/10/19

So, I finally selected a replacement for my long-time flaky companion, the Nikon LS-2000 scanner. I'm in the middle of setting up a shiny new Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro, and since I had two rolls of film featuring the lovely and charming Vanessa Gleason, I dropped those off for processing and planned to make them my first tests.

The lab lost one of them. Still no word yet on its whereabouts. I've still got one of them, and we'll see how it turns out. Or, rather, I'll see; until I can show them to her and get her permission, they won't appear here.

What will start appearing here (soon, but not "tomorrow") are a mix of old and new shots, some that were badly scanned originally, some that have been gathering dust. First up of the new stuff will most likely be an outdoor shoot with Liz Stewart.

– 2003/9/1

We're back online. Just getting that done was enough work that there's nothing new here, and the largest image size isn't available yet due to bandwidth constraints (that is, 1 megabit/second sustained bandwidth with bursts up to 7 megabits/second now costs me real money). As I have time, I'll be refreshing the old content and adding new, but I'm not even going to bother with my flaky old LS-2000; when I add new stuff, it will be with a brand-new scanner that's unlikely to be a Nikon.

What happened? Munitions.com was sitting on a network belonging to A Large Corporation. For various reasons, we had permission to put it there and host non-commercial personal web sites (ever wonder why there were no banner ads or nudes here? now you know). Well, a while back, another group of people liked our arrangement so much that they put their own machine on that company's network.

Unfortunately, not only did they lack the same degree of approval, one of their users hosted things he shouldn't have, and suddenly Corporate Security was involved. In the resulting sweep, our earlier permission was overruled, and munitions had to go. That's "go" as in "be seized for forensic examination."

It took quite a while to get it back, and we were pleasantly surprised that it was intact. Once we had the files back, though, we didn't actually want the hardware; it was a 100MHz Pentium with 32MB of memory and some ancient and rather puny SCSI disks. So, munitions.com is now a virtual domain on my server .clue, which is a considerably studlier WebEngine running OpenBSD, co-located at ViaNet Communications.

– 2003/7/21

Before you get too excited, I should warn you that the new page design does not come with new pictures. Well, the zoo shots didn't have a link before, but that's probably not what you're looking for. Over the next few weeks I'll be overhauling everything, but most of the changes will be behind the scenes. The existing galleries will be completely redone, and the search engine and about-the-model pages will finally be online. Then I'll move the whole durn thing to the new machine I'm building.

– 2002/10/6

After the exciting start to the week, my new pal Scotty has quietly gone away. Either he's off formulating a new and more fearsome-sounding legal threat, or he's decided to slink away quietly before he gets nailed for perjury.

– 2002/10/6

Just in case you've ever considered joining a web site sponsored by www.alphamodels.net, alphamoney.com, or alphainteractive.com, here's the fraudulent DMCA infringement notice they just sent me (apparently complaining about my link to someone else's web site covering the dispute against his former girlfriend Petra Verkaik, which I'm told he lost in arbitration). Note the fact that he's complaining to Earthlink, who doesn't even host my site. He alleges that my entire site infringes his IP rights, which is a neat trick since I can trivially prove that everything hosted here is mine. He also accuses me of libel, which is an even neater trick, since until he sent this letter, I didn't even know his name. Make up your own mind, and spend your money accordingly.

Oh, and he's sent about half a dozen of these false complaints in the past hour, and shows no sign of wising up. In fact, I just got a non-boilerplate response from him that demonstrated the full depth of his cluelessness.

– 2002/09/30