Enlightening searches…

In the App Store, I searched for “philips hue”. Under related searches, the first choice was “girly wallpapers” and the second was “girl wallpapers”. Not sure if they meant my naughty novel cover art desktop wallpaper or not…

Dear Amazon,

Correcting my search for “flash gordon & the warriors of mongo” to “flash gordon & the warriors of manga” is not useful, especially when you actually have someone trying to sell the book. (for more than I’m willing to pay, but…)

Dubious capsule toys

Honestly, I’m not sure I’d want to put 5 bucks into this machine. エロ過ぎる = ero-sugiru = “too sexy”.


Now, if it dispensed pokemon balls containing horny monster girls… oh, wait, that’s an anime plot.

Dear Amazon,

Well, some of these might be more stimulating than the Godzilla movies you recommended for a previous “night in”


Dear Amazon,

I don’t like you in that way

A series of tubes

“Dear Amazon, do I use teflon tape to attach this to my pipes?”

Nuke and Pave

This is your brain on Gender Studies:

Given that the shift in tree squirrel demographics is a relatively recent phenomenon, this case presents a unique opportunity to question and re-theorize the ontological given of ‘otherness’ that manifests, in part, through a politics whereby animal food choices ‘[come] to stand in for both compliance and resistance to the dominant forces in [human] culture’. I, therefore, juxtapose feminist posthumanist theories and feminist food studies scholarship to demonstrate how eastern fox squirrels are subjected to gendered, racialized, and speciesist thinking in the popular news media as a result of their feeding/eating practices, their unique and unfixed spatial arrangements in the greater Los Angeles region, and the western, modernist human frame through which humans interpret these actions. I conclude by drawing out the implications of this research for the fields of animal geography and feminist geography.


Dear Amazon,

I suppose it can’t be any worse than meeting Godzilla, but still, this wasn’t one of those obscure 75th-page recommendations, it’s currently #20 on my list, which usually suggests a fairly strong correlation, so I’m assuming you see some plot parallels here, right?

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”