Thanko: USB-powered UV Mask Sanitizer

Part of their things-you-might-need-right-now page, which also includes a mask washer, a “personal air cleaner” torc that wouldn’t do jack against viruses, a desk fan that would just spread viruses, and their famous full-face pollen shield, which at least has the virtue of keeping you from touching yourself.

Helpful list for Pete…

Since his wife has polluted his search history with Japanese sewing terms, here are some more:

  • アクリル acrylic
  • アサ/麻 hemp (ヘンプ) or linen (リネン)
  • ウール/羊毛 wool
  • カシミヤ cashmere
  • カツラギ katsuragi (thick cotton but lighter than denim)
  • ガーゼ gauze
  • ギンガム gingham
  • ギンガムチェック gingham check
  • クレープ crepe
  • コーデュロイcorduroy
  • サテン satin
  • シャンタン shantung
  • シャンブレー chambray
  • シルク silk
  • シーティング sheeting
  • ジャカード jacquard
  • スウェッド suede
  • ソフトデニム soft denim
  • タフタ tafetta
  • ダブルガーゼ double gauze
  • チノクロス chino cloth
  • チュール tulle
  • フラノ flannel
  • ブロード broadcloth
  • ボイル voile
  • リネン linen
  • レース lace
  • レーヨン rayon
  • ローン lawn
  • ワッフル waffle
  • 厚手デニム thick denim
  • 帆布 canvas
  • 持ち手テープ acrylic tape for bag handles
  • 綿, コットン cotton

I haven’t been in the fabric district in Tokyo, but we did spend a merry hour in Nomura Tailor in Kyoto buying tablecloth fabric for our mom.

Sweat the little stuff…

These are absolutely brilliant, and I’ve never seen them in the bath/plumbing department of any store:

A set came with my Toto Washlet adapter kit, and after realizing how they worked, I will never again buy a toilet lid that comes with the standard craptastic auto-loosening bolts. As a bonus, Toto lids come with little rubber strips that further improve their side-to-side stability.

In other Amazon news, it looks like they’ve not only fully restored the recommendation tiles, but ditched the “buy it again” tiles and created a separate page that lists them out individually instead. Since I was quite sick of having to scroll past the things-I-won’t-buy-again, I’m a big fan of this change. The new buy-it-again page also seems to sort actual repeatable items to the top more reliably, although it still thinks that I go through an awful lot of Loctite, and that laptop stands are a consumable item.

And at the bottom of the page, it still claims that “Recommended items other customers often buy again” includes things like the Bluray collection of “How not to Summon a Demon Lord”…


Sigh, no, the buy-it-again garbage tiles are back. Must have been briefly turned off by the same sort of glitch that took out the recommendations over the holidays. Oh, well.

2020 continuous calendars

Sequel to last year’s inspired-by-Wondermark calendars, it’s 2020 time. Generated with the example script I included in the PDF::Cairo distribution.

Dear Amazon,

Unlike last time, you at least did the math to make sure I know the 6-pack’s a ripoff…

Thing-A-Ma Jig drafting paper

Quick custom grid paper PDF for the popular wire-bending tool. I don’t know who let the trademark lapse, but there seem to be at least six different companies slapping their brand name on the same made-in-China product, of which the best seems to be Artistic Wire’s Deluxe Jig. I think mine was labeled “Bead Landing Thing-A-Ma Jig”, but it’s all the same thing, modulo how much they’re willing to pay the contract manufacturer to inspect for defects and ensure the accessories are included. (pro tip: if you don’t have enough little plastic pin retainers, or they don’t work as well as you’d like, cover the plate with masking tape and poke through)

(I could, of course, just buy an assortment of pegs at the hardware store and drill out any size or shape of grid with my CNC router…)

There’s a range of products from WigJig that have a wider variety of wrapping pegs, but despite the significantly higher price, they don’t say anything about the relative sturdiness of their plastic bases.

It wasn’t easy, but…

…I made it out of the Benchmade factory store for under $200. It would have been much more difficult if I hadn’t just spent nearly twice that on precut kumihimo silk.

From Thanko, but if it actually works…

Bug Zapper with fan and light, for when the tennis-racket style zapper just isn’t doing the job.