Jun Amaki

Jun Amaki falls somewhere in the middle of the current pack of gravure models: age 21, nominal singing career, pretty enough that stylists and photographers don’t forget to include her face, but only 1 photobook and 3 DVDs so far in her four-year career. That last is a bit surprising, since she’s also 4'10" with a 95-I bustline, and falls firmly into the “loli-cute” category (referring to the face only, of course…).

And she can be quite expressive on camera:

She is featured in a group photobook coming out in a few weeks, titled If My Cat Turned Into A Cute Girl. I wonder what breed she’ll be…


Ai’s Eyes

I think this is the first picture I’ve seen of Ai Shinozaki where the makeup artist didn’t try to de-emphasize her natural asian features.

NSFW because have you seen Ai Shinozaki?


Fumika Baba

I apologize for not having previously informed everyone of the awesomeness that is Fumika Baba. Dunno how I forgot to mention her for two years; must have been distracted by something.

For such a pretty woman, it was hard to find a picture that focused on her lively, expressive face. The photographers must also be distracted by something…



This he tags ‘loli’?!?

I get the feeling this Tumblr user doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “tagging”, or else this is a particularly inept attempt at SEO. Gravure, yes. Sexy/セクシー, also yes. Idol? Probably not. Loli? Not a chance.


To Infinity And Beyond

In a new photo shoot, popular bikini model Rin Tachibana breaks the lightspeed barrier with Hyper-Oppai. I guess now we know what the H in H-cup stands for.

More evidence here, and in the previous 17 collections linked to it…

You have to be hungry to eat a donut?

Free cheesecake at Amazon!

The very, very NSFW site bakufu has a nice collection of lingerie photos collected from Amazon listings, featuring a very cute AV actress. The outfit after the jump looked particularly tasty…


When the bikini comes off…

I felt a bit sorry for Nanami Matsumoto (松本菜奈実) when I first saw her pictures, because while she’s cute with the right styling, it was very clear that the only reason she had a modeling career was her absurdly large breasts (plausibly claimed to measure a 100cm I-cup), and it wasn’t going to last long. Also, back pain. Three DVDs later, and sure enough, the party is over and a different party has started: her next release is porn , subtitled Ultra-Megaton-Level Loli Big Boobs.

(link NSFW, but with clothed selfies where she’s prettier than in most of her bikini photo shoots; clearly the photographers and editors rarely cared how her face looked)

Note that this is not hypocritical moral condemnation on my part, or an assumption that she’s being victimized by the patriarchy and has no agency in her career choices. I just dislike Japanese porn, and the fact that there no longer seems to be any middle ground between “covers naughty bits” and “roughly gang banged on camera”. As an enthusiastic consumer of products featuring attractive Japanese women, I’d like to see naughty bits and smiles, not domination and tears.

Dear Hello!Project Costume Designers,

Actually, instead of discussing the feathers, can I ask what she’s doing with that microphone?

Kaede Kaga tickles the mic

Okay, now we can talk feathers. Clearly these outfits are left over from your canceled musical, “The Dirty Pair Blows Up Vegas”.

Dirty Pair with feathers

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”