Dear Hello!Project Stylists,

An oldie but goodie, this is a perfect example of why your agency should have stuck with the “mildly talented but cute” look for Morning Musume. Trying to get them to look “edgy” just did not work. Turtle and Wonky manage some rudimentary steam, but Jun-jun just looks confused, Ai-chan and Sayummy look like their makeup is covering bruises from recent abuse, and Satan is seeking approval that will never come.


Momo Lisa

When Momoko Tsugunaga joined Hello!Project, it’s hard to say whether they assigned her the role of “batshit-crazy one”, or simply recognized the part she was born to play.


Still, when she lets her hair down, I have no complaints.


Attract Mode

Because Sony is run by morons, this video embed may not work outside of Japan (even though the song is available from US iTunes…).

In fact, Google and Youtube search won’t even show you the link to it, so you may have to fall back to sketchy video sites (1, 2), unless you use a geoblock-evading VPN service (I use HideMyAss).

Note that it’s Ai Shinozaki, who’s NSFW unless you bury her neck-deep in whipped cream.

Dear Iyo Matsumoto,

That’s going to leave a mark.


Dear Hello!Project Costume Designers,

I thought they’d banned you from participating in the girls’ bikini photo shoots, insisting on using trained professionals instead. Apparently I was wrong.


Pingky: Momo

The previously-linked adorable I-8 cosplayer is Pingky aka Momo aka Shimon.

Christmas Cheer

(via 大盛りあがりグラビア館)

Why Japanese newsstands thrive...

Left, Mikoto Hibi (日比実思), age 19; right, Yūno Ōhara (大原優乃), age 18. In younger days, both were in the group Dream5, but have now gone on to bigger things. Yūno’s gravure career is exploding like one of her bikini tops, while Mikoto is just getting her feet wet.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”