If you think this looks wholesome…

…clearly you’ve never been in a Japanese video store.


It’s porn, of course, so the youthful actresses are at least 18. Unfortunately, I can read the description at the bottom of the cover, and it’s basically a rape video (loosely, “‘Sparta’ training camp gang-bang of the flat-chested track team”). If it had just been three pretty young women in and/or out of their bikinis, I’d have been interested. Sadly, the product description on Amazon doesn’t even include their names, so I can’t find out if they’ve done any less-explicit work.

Good enough…


A nice example of the common use of the 吾唯足知 expression. There used to be a shop in SF Japantown who sold these basins, but not in such a nice stone.

Samurai John Henry

Wrong day to fly coach…



Not what I’m usually looking for in the “cute girls in kimonos” genre…


The quiet dignity of Morning Musume

This showed up on Takitumblr today, after being spotted on Twitter. It turns up in a lot of “wacky Japan” roundups going back years, and of course I immediately ID’d the color printer as Miki Fujimoto, a graduate of the Hello!Project School of Fashion. Seriously, who else are you going to hire to dress up like this?

Easy as One, Tsu, Three

No chance for ambiguity here. When you’re going to (津市), つ Station is definitely the place to get off.


Upskirt: The Game!

It started out innocently. Well, relatively so, anyway. I was looking for a clean copy of the 80s J-pop song “Sailor Fuku o Nugasanaide!” (for reasons that will become obvious if I ever get around to it), and while there are plenty of videos on Youtube, most of them either have terrible audio quality or an announcer talking over part of the song, or both. And none of the versions on US iTunes are useful.

So I ended up on Amazon Japan, where I found a recent CD collection from Onyanko Club that includes the song. But that wasn’t all that turned up in a search for “セーラー服を脱がさないで”…

Upskirt: the game

It’s a concentration game based on memorizing the color of schoolgirl panties. Pick up a girl, look up her skirt, and try to remember which other girl had the same panties. The partial box cover shows it was released by Bandai in 1987, the year that Onyanko Club disbanded, so it may not have sold well. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m at a flea market in Japan, but I insist that I’d only buy it to find out if the figures were hand-painted, because Japan. :-)

Of course, there were a number of adult videos in the search results as well, and for this young lady (NSFW), losing her sailor suit is the least of her problems.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”