Dry Curry is…

Japanese Sloppy Joes. And not in a bad way.

Shōwa versus Heisei


On February 24th, we find out what comes next; despite the boost it would produce for the Olympics, I suspect it won’t be the Nekomimi era.


Dear Japan,

I have a solution to this problem:

It does not involve hiring men.


Yeah, it’s like that…

If you think this looks wholesome…

…clearly you’ve never been in a Japanese video store.


It’s porn, of course, so the youthful actresses are at least 18. Unfortunately, I can read the description at the bottom of the cover, and it’s basically a rape video (loosely, “‘Sparta’ training camp gang-bang of the flat-chested track team”). If it had just been three pretty young women in and/or out of their bikinis, I’d have been interested. Sadly, the product description on Amazon doesn’t even include their names, so I can’t find out if they’ve done any less-explicit work.

Good enough…


A nice example of the common use of the 吾唯足知 expression. There used to be a shop in SF Japantown who sold these basins, but not in such a nice stone.

Samurai John Henry

Wrong day to fly coach…


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”