Saturday, May 17 2003

Las Vegas trip highlights: Angela Little

So, I’ve returned from my little road trip to Las Vegas, and I bless the kind soul who let me know that Angela was the X-Mate for this month in ‘X - An Erotic Adventure’ at the Aladdin.

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Monday, July 14 2003

By their threats shall ye know them

Hey, what’s a web site without fraudulent threats of legal action? There’s a guy out there who has bullied and blustered his way into a business running pay web sites for Playboy models under various names, primarily “Alpha Interactive” (no links provided; after all, my goal here is to convince you to spend your money elsewhere).

This is old news, but I couldn’t resist the urge to yank his chain by reposting his threats and explaining his motive in making them.

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Monday, July 21 2003

Live Munitions!

The most popular content from is now back online: my large photo archive, consisting mostly of fully-clothed Playboy models. It’s in serious need of a complete overhaul, including rescanning every image to get rid of the worst mistakes that my flaky LS-2000 inflicted, but it’s back.

Of course, the whole collection was apparently posted to Usenet again last week, and I’m sure that a bunch of the pictures are being fraudulently sold on eBay this week, either as “real prints from the negative” or “copyright-free image CDs.” This, however, is their home, and having it back online makes it easier for me to file copyright infringement claims with ISPs.

Tuesday, July 22 2003

Topless, lifeless

I want to like Viewing attractive young women who are wearing little or no clothing is a hobby of mine, one I’m unlikely to give up any time soon. And, indeed, some of the pictures work just fine for me: pretty girl, nice smile, healthy body, real breasts, no piercings, few or no visible tattoos.

Most of the time, though, I find myself wondering if I’m looking at a woman or a RealDoll. The blank stare! The static pose! The aftermarket accessories! It’s like those giant inflatable liquor bottles: great advertising but no substance.

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Monday, August 18 2003

pictures on

This is a placeholder for comments from people viewing my photo archives. Now that I’ve got everything back online, I’m curious what people think of it.

Sunday, October 19 2003

Featured model: Liz Stewart

After the famine, a feast. I’ve finally updated my picture site, posting the last scans I made before I abandoned my flaky Nikon LS-2000 for good. These are from a quick outdoor session with Playboy Playmate Liz Stewart, seventeen years after her centerfold.

I’ve met 200 or so Playmates, and Liz made my top-ten list about fifteen seconds after saying “hello.”

Liz Stewart

Sunday, November 16 2003

“And he shall rise abhorrent and ancient…”

Drove down to LA for a very abbreviated visit to the latest Glamourcon, and my despair at having my original vacation plans cancelled was lightened considerably by the loan of A Very Scary Solstice, from the charmingly demented folks at Cthulhu Lives!. I’ve grown particularly fond of “It’s beginning to look a lot like fish-men”, but it’s all good. There are free samples…

On the bright side, it looks like the model shoots I had originally planned for this week will now take place over New Years in Las Vegas. I’m cashing in my special-person status at the Luxor to get a jacuzzi suite comped.

Tuesday, September 26 2006


From reviews and pictures, I’ve become interested in the recent anime series whose title translates fairly well as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Recently, I’ve seen some comments from fans lamenting the fact that it hasn’t been licensed yet, despite its obvious popularity. Indeed, when I was in the Seattle Kinokuniya recently, there was a display table covered with Haruhi novels and tie-ins.

While watching a few good AMVs, I realized they’ve got a serious problem, and it may not be possible to license the series in the US in its present form. Why not? Because Playboy’s lawyers have no sense of humor.

Haruhi-sama, first-rate bunny girl

That’s not just any bunny-girl costume, it’s the Playboy Bunny costume, and it’s covered by a registered trademark in the US. I looked it up, and Playboy still has active marks covering the bow-tie bunny girl; they’ve never stopped using it for promotions, and with their recent activity in Vegas, it’s becoming more visible again. And, yes, they care about things as minor as short animations produced for a con, and one of the US Dirty Pair comics was retouched to put Kei and Yuri into generic cocktail-waitress outfits.

Tuesday, March 16 2010

Dust on the lens

I confess, it’s been so long since I went through my slides that I simply forgot that I’d gotten Dita Von Teese and Lynn Thomas to cuddle naked on a sofa.

And when did I manage to get Vanessa Gleason outdoors for a quick (clothed) shoot? I sleeved the slides, so I must have looked at them at least once. Clearly I’ve been out of the game for too long…

Tuesday, October 20 2015

I read it for the articles, backwards

There have been a lot of regional versions of Playboy magazine, with the nudity content varied to meet local standards. Most of them have gone under, and now that the flagship is abandoning nudity in favor of exploiting residual brand recognition, I doubt it’s long for this world. Honestly, any monthly magazine is a tough sell these days, and this latest change is likely to be about as effective as the time they put the magazine into the hands of a former Maxim exec.

But don’t worry, cheesecake fans, Japan’s got your back. Weekly Playboy (no relation) has a healthy business model built on healthy models, in and out of their clothing. Their photography lacks the high artistic and technical standards that once made Playboy stand out of the crowd, but nobody does it that way any more; the craft of creating a single memorable image has been replaced by happy accidents embedded in filler.

Haruna Kawaguchi in Weekly Playboy

In the strictly-non-nude department, Bomb! reliably delivers decent cheesecake photoshoots that flatter their subjects (unlike the recent WP (NSFW) shoot of Erika Yazawa that just made me feel sorry for her). Their DVDs are nicely shot, as well.

There are a lot of other weekly and monthly magazines that add a slice of cheesecake (in many genres), but as always with Japanese magazines, it can be a little too fresh, so be sure to check the pull date before ogling too intently. The kanji 「歳」 preceded by a number should be considered a warning label.

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