Thursday, June 9 2016

Roman Porno

So I stumbled across this photo:

used bookstore w/ 'roman porno' section

The sign reads “2nd floor: Roman Porno, Adult, Photobooks”. Looked a bit Engrishy to me, with my initial thought being that they meant “romantic” or couples-friendly porn. Um, no.

The poster underneath the sign (with the actress looking hurt, frightened, or both) reads “All Color. (circle k) Nikkatsu Roman Porno”, and that means these (Wikipedia link without pictures). With many titles like “Rape Frenzy: Five Minutes Before Graduation”, romance this ain’t. A handful of the dozens of films they cranked out between 1971 and 1988 apparently feature some consensual sex, but domination, rope bondage, and rape are more common.

So, that’s a big “no thanks”.