Tuesday, December 22 2015

Comcast Business support surprisingly good

So I’ve got family in for the holidays, and my sister promptly took over the office for conference calls and video editing, leading to a distress call last night when the 2.2GB upload of the final cut of the new promo promised to take 70+ hours. (iperf to Hurricane Electric was running at about 500 Kilobits/sec upload speed, with ~10% packet loss)

I called Comcast at 6:30pm. They had a guy onsite at around 8:30pm, who verified that all my wiring was good, replaced the modem, and spent a merry twenty minutes poking through the flooded cable box out at the curb (he appreciated my big golf umbrella). All to say, “well, the problem isn’t here”, and he promised a network guy would take over in the morning.

Sure enough, by the time I got up and had breakfast, iperf was reporting 60 down, 12 up, which is a bit higher than before the outage.