Monday, November 24 2014

Interlacements of Edo Yattsu

Having no real interest in hunting down an out-of-print, limited edition handmade book containing computer printouts, I wanted an alternative to Rosalie Nelson’s set of patterns for Edo Yattsu (often written “Edo Yatsu”, which really sounds more like “Tokyo Punk” than a braiding sequence).

So I wrote a script to generate them. Except that even after finding and excluding the color inversions, I had 26 compared to her 24. I’m pretty sure she excluded the two 180° rotations that are not also color inversions. If you’re braiding directly onto a loop, you may want the alternative versions.

Large collection of pattern GIFs below the fold, using the standard Carey diagram. When I get a chance, I’ll change the script to generate PDFs as well as GIFs.

edo-yattsu-11112222.gif edo-yattsu-11121222.gif edo-yattsu-11122122.gif edo-yattsu-11122221.gif edo-yattsu-11122222.gif edo-yattsu-11211222.gif edo-yattsu-11212221.gif edo-yattsu-11212222.gif edo-yattsu-11221122.gif edo-yattsu-11221222.gif edo-yattsu-11222122.gif edo-yattsu-11222222.gif edo-yattsu-12121212.gif edo-yattsu-12121222.gif edo-yattsu-12122222.gif edo-yattsu-12211221.gif edo-yattsu-12211222.gif edo-yattsu-12212221.gif edo-yattsu-12212222.gif edo-yattsu-12221222.gif edo-yattsu-12222222.gif edo-yattsu-21212122.gif edo-yattsu-21212222.gif edo-yattsu-21222222.gif

180° rotations:

edo-yattsu-11222212.gif edo-yattsu-11222221.gif