Monday, January 30 2012

Pirates, ho!

For anyone who might be interested in a top-level view of how Sato is adapting the Miniskirt Space Pirates novels for anime, here are the chapter titles of the first two books, along with the volume titles of all seven.

Mild spoiler potential, of course. If they keep the current pace, I’d expect book 2 to take the series up to around episode 9.

Book 1 ミニスカ宇宙海賊Miniskirt Space Pirates
  プロローグ 海賊航路Prologue: Pirate Course
  第一章 白凰女学院高等部1: Hakuou Girls Academy High School
  第二章 新担任と転校生2: New Homeroom Teacher and Transfer Student
  第三章 中継ステーション3: Relay Station
  第四章 星の向こう側4: Other Side of the Sun
  エピローグ 海賊航路Epilogue: Pirate Course
Book 2 黄金の幽霊船Golden Ghost Ship
  第一章 密航者1: Stowaway
  第二章 転校生2: Transfer Student
  第三章 海賊王女3: Pirate Princess
  第四章 幽霊航路4: Ghost Course
  第五章 第一八次調査団5: 18th Inquiry Commission
  第六章 嵐の幽霊船6: Tempest’s Ghost Ship
  第七章 接触7: Contact
  第八章 黄金の幽霊船8: Golden Ghost Ship
  第九章 幽霊船の眠り姫9: Ghost Ship’s Sleeping Princess
Book 3 コスプレ見習海賊Cosplay Apprentice Pirates
Book 4 漆黒の難破船Jet Black Shipwreck
Book 5 白銀の救難船Silver Rescue Ship
Book 6 真紅の海賊船Crimson Pirate Ship
Book 7 蒼白の髑髏星Pale Skull Star

I know from Wikipedia Japan that books 4-6 are one big story arc, so that’s where I expect the series to end. That gives them a bit over 4 episodes per book, which is not unreasonable. It’s a comfortable pace to tell the story without having to carefully prune (AsoIku) or risk incoherency (Daimaou).