Friday, June 12 2009

Dear Apple,

When you mark a bug “closed as a duplicate of bug X”, it would be nice if I were able to actually see bug X. Apparently, if I want to know the status of a fix, I have to send email saying “I reported Y, can you tell me if there’s been any action on X?”.

In this case, X has ID 5647954 and Y is 6770720, suggesting that X has been gathering dust for quite a while, and is unlikely to be fixed in an upcoming release. Japanese keyboard support in general seems to be pretty dusty, and I doubt you’ll get them working with Boot Camp any time soon, either.

[yes, this is because XP and Vista are stupid about keyboard layouts, and it affects VMware, too, but so what? You wrote the drivers for Boot Camp, and tout it as a feature, and it doesn’t work with some of your keyboards.]