Tuesday, March 31 2009

Pop Quiz

Q: What do the following sentences have in common?

  • Dinner is ready.
  • This cloth will make me a coat.
  • A pool forms.
  • A son was born to them.
  • Mushrooms grow well in damp places.
  • Watermelons are produced here.
  • Some business turned up and prevented me from going there.
  • His income enables him to live a decent life.
  • He is good for nothing.
  • A tender understanding seems to have been formed between the two.

A: They’re all examples in the dictionary entry for the verb dekiru.

The 4th Edition Green Goddess lists the following meanings for it:

  1. to be done; to be completed; to be finished; to be ready.
  2. to be made; to be manufactured; to be built; to be constructed (of something).
  3. to be formed; to be organized; to be established; to be set up.
  4. to form; to make; to take shape.
  5. to come into being (existence).
  6. to grow.
  7. to be produced.
  8. to break out.
  9. can (do, write, etc); to be able (in a position) to do; to be capable; to be possible; to be permitted to do.
  10. to be good at; to be skillful in.
  11. to become intimate.
  12. to be quoted; to be traded.

With all of the usage examples, it runs to about 2/3 of a page.