Tuesday, October 14 2008

Lol, cats

Sankaku Complex is a non-worksafe site that mostly posts pictures and stories related to anime and idols, with an affection for certain common Japanese fetishes that I do not share. That is, I visit for the adult models wearing bikinis and less, and run away screaming from their lolicon-bait.

Posting this little number makes up for all their sins:

Soft On Nyanko

Transcribed and roughly translated:

  1. ろり&ぷちNONSTOPやり放題24時間, “Rori & Puchi non-stop doing whatever they want for 24 hours”
  2. ちっちゃいたちががんばっちゃいました!, “These tiny kittens gave it their all!”
  3. ろりっ仔は好きですか?, “Does L’il Rori like it?”
  4. 甘く齧られて抱きしめて…!, (sweetly/lightly) (have something nibbled) + “hold me”

I’m not sure what to do with the passive te-form of the transitive verb kajiru “to chew/gnaw/nibble on something” in that last one. The kitten’s the one doing the gentle nibbling, but then she’s asking you to do the hugging. If the intent is “let me nibble”, I think it has to be causative “give me your causing me to nibble” rather than passive “give me your being nibbled”.