Wednesday, June 6 2007

No false advertising

Recently, Steven said:

After you’ve finished watching Misaki Chronicles, what becomes clear is that the story tellers had a really good story to tell, and knew they did – but didn’t think they could sell that story on the merits, either to their studio or to an audience. So they had to hide it, disguise it, attach things to it. Like huge boobs.

In the interests of clarity, I want to say that when it comes to the new manga series HEAVEN, creator Aoi Nanase has not gratuitously added large breasts and panty-flashing in order to market a serious story about the nature of good and evil.

HEAVEN: 雷神と風神

Nope, it’s just another harem comedy where Strange Cute Girls (and, er, something else) from Another World (a rather non-Christian Heaven) move in with Our Hero (hapless loser), quickly ending up in Compromising Positions (beds, showers, pushed to the ground, etc) that annoy Girl Next Door (who runs a public bath house…), and, of course, Wacky Hijinks ensue. That covers most of the standards, and I’m sure volume two will fill in the rest.

The twist, if you can call it that, is that the first two girls to enter the harem are minor goddesses Fuujin and Raijin, looking a bit more appealing than is traditional. Why hang out on Earth with some loser? Well, Feiren (Fuujin) seems to be developing a crush on him, but that didn’t start until after she asked him to put his hand on her bare breast.

…so that he could boost her powers, of course, allowing her to rescue Raika (Raijin) from the clutches of the vaguely-villainous Magi (with a hard “g”), who describes herself as 「地の民の精霊」 (loosely, “spirit of the earth’s population”, I think).

Magi may count as the other twist, being a lusty-busty ニューハーフ, just the thing to make a growing boy regret his sudden popularity among goddesses.